Costa Rica is one of the best places for weddings, we all the vibe and the Pura Vida style, paradisiac for destination weddings, with a great fire variety of hotels, gorgeous locations in Airbnb, and vendors, wedding planners with ideal choices for weddings! Is one of the best countries to have your wedding in Latin America. 

So here I want to share with you 5 basic tips that will help you to have your dream wedding in the marvelous Costa Rica:

1. The best schedule. Costa Rica wedding planners

Costa Rica is located in the tropic, so the hours for the natural light extends until 18:00 in summer (between January and July) so because of this, the best hour to get married in Costa Rica is between 16:00 and 16:30 , with that we will have enough time with natural lightning and in that way we can have those pictures with the beautiful nature or the gorgeous beach in the background. With exceptions for religious ceremonies, which we recommend to start at 15:00 to have enough time for the couples session a the sunset.

We do not recommend weddings in outsides before 16:00 because the light is way too harsh in the head might get extreme, especially in areas like Guanacaste or Manuel Antonio. 

Having established the following hours will guarantee enough time to enjoy the sunset for the photos.

– Weddings in beach areas

If it’s between January and June, the best hour is at 16:30 (those months we have a flight until 18:00). But if it is between July and December, the best hour for the ceremony is at 16:00 (the natural light goes until 17:30).

– Weddings in mountain areas Costa Rica wedding planners

In case that the wedding will be in a forest or in a mounting location with a possible risk of rain, we recommend to have to ceremony mainly during the morning, or in the afternoon around 14:00.

– Weddings between July and December

The best hour is at 15:00 do you have enough time for the couples photo shoot. Because 100% of the religious ceremonies last no less than one hour and 15 minutes, and to have the transportation to the location of the reception limits the time, because of that I recommend at 15:00. 

2. Costa Rican time (La Hora Tica)

A lot of you may know that in Costa Rica everything has a delay in the punctuality is not the strong part of the Costa Rican people, and even we are talking about destination weddings, someway also the people from other countries get affected by their punctuality topic and end up being late for make up, or even transportation etc. 

We recommend to have the call for all the guests half hour before the real hour the wedding, this with the point of having everybody ready and start the ceremony on time. As first advise, been Costa Rica a country with natural light until 18:00, punctuality is super important to get to its full the most gorgeous lightning. 

3. Private car in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica renting a car is very accessible, is a matter of having a lot of care of not living things like computers, cell phones or bags  over the sits inside the car to the easy look. It had happened in a lot of vacations that people try to break the window of the car, the best is to get all the things in the trunk. 

Then we have the “watchmen” (known as wachimanes), people that offer a informal service of watching your car or giving you instructions to park; they are not 100% trust worthy, but there are a lot all around Costa Rica, they are in the parking areas and they identify themselves because most of them use a reflective material vest. Them a tip of $3 for taking care of your car is enough, but always leaving the car well closed and without objects of value to the simple look.

4.  Payments with dollars and credit cards in local businesses

Most of the businesses receive dollars in credit and debit cards. Only a lot of places do not except American Express, and in the area of Santa Teresa most of the payments are only received in cash. 


5. Costa Rican Weather


Is the driest area in Costa Rica because the summer is from November until May. Between June and July there are possibilities of rain but not too high as in the rest of Costa Rica. August, and even more Setimbre and October are the rainiest months in the year.

Central area of Costa Rica

The best months for weddings are between November and May, before those is better to have a Plan B in case of raining. 

Caribbean area of Costa Rica

This is a very humid and wet part of the country, we have rain almost all the year so because of that we recommend to have a Plan B in case of having a wedding in outsides. The months with less probability of rain or February, March, September and October, however July, November and December are very rainy. 

South area of Costa Rica (Manuel Antonio)

The best months to have a wedding there are from November to April. Been also a very humid and wet area, the possibilities of rain are very high after April, so having a Plan B is an excellent option and always recommended. Lots of success with everything and remember: “Enjoy!”