Engagement venues in Costa Rica

5 beautiful places for engagement sessions in Costa Rica

As a wedding photographer in this incredible country,Costa Rica, I have had the opportunity to get to know a lot of beautiful venues and places for engagement sessions! (or if you want to check places to get married in Costa Rica, click here) One of the things my clients always struggle with while planning their sessions from abroad, is where to do the photos and is always a tricky question to answer. In a country like Costa Rica, the choices with beaches and incredible landscapes are endless, and I know for sure some places could get hard to have access, so I would love to share with you my favorite and easiest places for an engagement.

Costa Rica is an incredible place for having a destination wedding, engagement session and post wedding photos (“trash the dress” without hurting your bride look). One of the most important things to take into consideration is the weather! As a tropical country, we have an unpredictable weather mainly in rainy season (from May to October) and the months with the most rain are September and October. Because of that, many places could be very hard to have access to or to take photos in with the rainfall (sometimes it turns even into storms) so, the best months and not the high season ones are April, May, June, July and August. But don’t worry, rain usually comes at the afternoon and the best hour for sessions are 5:30 am, totally worth it, believe me!

Now, I chose these place because of the easy access. Also, we can avoid having a lot people around (to make it more private or to have strangers in the background of your gorgeous photos) and of course the landscape and views are amazing. Read until the end because I add some special mentions ;D

1.Los Llanos del Cortés Waterfall- Bagaces Guanacaste

This place is one of my favorites in Guanacaste, for engagement session, elopement and intimate wedding. What I love the most about it is the light and the location of the waterfall itself, you’ll find an amazing light just behind you and the waterfall, making a gorgeous heavenly look! Just tip: avoid weekends because it is impossible to have photos without people around you. During weekdays this is the perfect place for engagement sessions in Costa Rica and amazingly is that it is located in Guanacaste, in the driest area of Costa Rica! WOW, paradise <3

2.Tamarindo- Playa Langosta

Tamarindo is one of the most popular areas for weddings or engagement sessions, and you will find a lot of people around. The good thing is that there is a close, more private beach in Tamarindo called Playa Langosta, where you can find incredible places between Sueños del Mar and Cala Luna. And to have the beautiful forest and the warm beach together without a lot people around you, makes it an amazing place to have the tropical Costa Rican style.

3.Monteverde- Costa Rica Forest

One of the most beautiful and incredible forests in Costa Rica, full of nature and gorgeous green style is Monteverde, and is so rainy, so its better to have our session between January to April. Take a look at it, I would book my flight just to get the perfect weather at Monteverde!

4.Manuel Antonio- Dominical- South area beach

Manuel Antonio and Dominical are located in the South of Costa Rica. This area is perfect if you are looking for a jungle, beach style and more ECO hotels. Just please consider the rainy season here is from May to November, even thought is amazing and always you can have this incredible light at sunrise 🙂

5.Papagayo Hotels- Andaz, Secrets or Four Season

This area of Costa Rica is one of the most expensive, luxurious and you can find in this incredibles hotels, amazing beaches, mountains and jungle. The benefit of Papagayo is that is located in the driest area of Costa Rica so, the rainy season is different than the rest of the country. But don’t worry, you can find this incredibles beaches and landscape in Tamarindo, Playa Hermosa, Samara and Nosara (those last 2 are amazing, the only thing is that a portion of the road is a little bumpy; please drive with care).

Web:Four Season

Web: Hotel Andaz

Web: Secrets Hotel

Special Mentions

La Paz Waterfall- Alajuela

La Paz Waterfall Hotel is a perfect place for an intimate wedding, elopement or engagement session. The access to the waterfall is so easy, just take this 2 things into consideration: high tourists and rainy season, the weather is unpredictable, but we can make it work!

Web:Waterfall Garden

Hacienda Sitio de Mata – Turrialba 

This beautiful place located in Turrialba is amazing, you will find mountains and all the Cartago area. It also has a gorgeous view of an artificial lake right behind the kiosk; so impressive!
Web: Hacienda Sitio de Mata

Web: Hacienda Sitio de Mata

Pangas Tamarindo

If you want photos under this tree is so easy to get and located in the heart of Tamarindo, we just need to verify that there is no wedding in the day of the session and to enjoy a meal or beer in Pangas Beach Club, the food is delicious, so recommended!

Web: Pangas Beach Club

More Places

Las Catalinas 

Las Catalinas is a new area in Costa Rica; the best option is to rent an apartament (they offer amazing options), so we can have photos around this gorgeous place with incredibles buildings (they look like a mediterranean scene of a classical movie, which makes this place unique in the country. And then in the beach is right next by las Catalinas, it is perfect!

Just only one thing about the access, it is limited to the guests apartments, or if you stay in these beautiful 2 hotels in Las Catalinas:

Web: Santarena Hotel

Web: Casa Chameleon