Photography from the heart

Hi There! I am Costa Rica wedding photographer,  thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in knowing a little more about me and my wedding photography.

I am a dynamic, outgoing, cheerful and spontaneous woman. I enjoy sharing time with my closest friends and relatives, laughing, joking, and having a good time. I love the evenings in the company of a coffee or a glass of wine and of course a good conversation. I love to travel with my husband, going to restaurants and meeting people, all those are the things that I love and of course I love to be a wedding photographer in Costa Rica!

That is why I like my photos to be natural, spontaneous, warm, and pleasant, I want them to be the window which lead my customers easily to the feeling of what they were living in the moment. I dedicate much time to meet the characters of each story that I want to tell through my photos. I love the sincerity of couples who express their love freely and without artificial poses.

A photo is a part of a reality that is lived in an instant and to remember that moment is what really matters to me. Everybody has a story to tell and they all remember it in a unique way, and I want to be the person can capture those unrepeatable and magical moments.

The story of how I got into photography it is bit long. When I started my studies in college in Accounting, but what really caught my attention was Arts, so I decided to enter in into the Fine Arts faculty.

For life reasons, I finished first with accounting degree and then I start working in this area. To distract myself from the hustle and stress I went back to my art classes, then photography appeared as part of all this change. As my studies went deeper in this area, I got excited every time a little more.

That was when I decided to devote full time to photography. There is nothing like working on what you love and you are passionate about!

I  L O V E   M A D L Y



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Currently I am still studying and increasing my knowledge to offer high quality work to my clients. And to do it, I inspire myself with the stories of each couple, family, friends and people which I interact to and tell me their stories with all details that involve it.

I hope we can meet and capture those beautiful moments!