It is about to make you feel happy and unique and capturing your story in an authentic, spontaneous, warm and pleasant way and having a good time together! I am going to be like your cheerleader and support you, this day is going to be your first adventure together and the photography will allow you to remember this amazing day!


C A P T U R E    M O M E N T S    T H AT    L A S T    F O R E V E R

Your weddings photos are going to be your treasure and the way to relive everything, it is about your laughs, the quiet, the happily unplanned, when you crying during your vows, imperfect moments that are more meaningful than any perfectly posed shot could ever be! You will want to enjoy each other and don’t worry about to look like Pinterest board, I want to capture you when you are smiling, kissing, hugging, running, nose to nose, face to face, nothing more than natural that just you looking the person that you love with all your heart!



as a costa rica wedding photographer, my work is about connecting with your love story, and understanding how you dream your wedding photos in Costa Rica to be, yours might be a destination wedding or a beach wedding, and I love to capture every little moment that brings joy and a smile for you

We just spent the last 20 minutes staring at them, Adri… I can’t even explain how I love I am, they are perfect, you are perfect :*
You captured every emotion, you have a natural talent, I can’t stop looking at them, thank you, thank you, thank you <3 <3 <3


Omg! Adri! This is amazing!! Thank you so much!!! The photos are beautiful.  The day was starting to feel like a dream but your photos brought back so many memories! I love them!!!



L E T ‘ S  DO IT !

Let’s say yes to the date, but first please read this: Your wedding is going to be one of the most important day in your life, your first adventure together and I believe in the value of your wedding!

It is about you! and my mission is being your personal cheerleader that amazing day, in giving you such a good time, a lot of laughing, a lot of fun and a lot of being your support, like a bridesmaid with camera, capturing everything that involves you, because you are unique and you deserve all my energy and heart so I can portray all the best memories in spontaneous way.

What you will receive is not just a photography service, I put all my heart in each wedding and my goal is to make my clients feel absolutely fabulous, I will be like James Blunt song and like your mom that we truly believe “you’re beautiful”, because in front of my camera all my clients are happy, excited and enjoying even the tiniest moment!

So if you think in the same way and feel connected with my work… Let’s do it!!!

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